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About the Artist

Artist Cassandra Tondro It is my pleasure and joy to create art that contributes to your physical, emotional and spiritual health and well-being.

After three decades of studying holistic healing and two decades of creating art, I realized that the two are connected, and merged them to intentionally create healing art.

I've had a deep interest in healing since I was in my 20s and developed health problems that traditional medicine could not cure. As a result I spent many years studying alternative forms of medicine including homeopathy, essences, herbs, nutrition and the Law of Attraction.

There is strong evidence to suggest that our thoughts contribute greatly to our outcome, and this is the foundation of my work. I imbue my art with healing intention, and my most recent work incorporates affirmations, sigils and crystals imprinted with the hertz frequencies of subtle energies.

Research has shown that art can contribute to positive outcomes in healthcare, and many hospitals and healthcare organizations incorporate healing art into their facilities. This extends to our homes and workspaces, where art affects our feelings of well-being.

Part of my own personal healing has been to follow my dream of being an artist. As a child I was discouraged from pursuing art, because it wasn't considered to be a viable career. After years working as a computer programmer, I took a leap of faith and left the corporate world to rekindle my artistic aspirations.

The culmination of my work is being able to help others on their healing journeys, and I'm grateful to have the opportunity to apply all of my knowledge, skills and talent to the creation of healing art.


Artist Cassandra Tondro